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To free yourself from the burden of your debts, all you need to do is call upon a team of licensed bankruptcy trustees with great expertise. Free yourself from your debts!

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M. Roy & Associés - Licensed Insolvency Trustee Located in Repentigny

By trusting M. Roy & Associés, you benefit from a team composed of licensed insolvency trustees and financial restructuring advisors who will help you overcome your financial difficulties. Together, we will find the best solution to allow you to start fresh and catch your breath without being overwhelmed by debt. Among the solutions we consider, the consumer proposal can be a good alternative, as it allows you to reduce the burden of your monthly payments.

Finally, if this first option does not apply to your situation, we can guide you towards personal bankruptcy.. This alternative will allow you to both repay your debts and regain control of your finances.

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Our Process

Do you want to erase your debts and escape debt collection?

Would you like to find a way to repay your debts without risking seizure?

If you are facing an over-indebtedness problem, solutions are available for you!

How does it work?

We establish a clear and structured plan

During our meeting, our goal is to get you out of debt as soon as possible, establish a payment plan that works for you, reduce the burden associated with stress, and protect your existing assets.

We perform an analysis of your financial situation and then establish a plan tailored to your specific situation. In the short term, this plan will address your debt management concerns. It will also cover all your medium and long-term financial issues. The fees associated with this process apply from the moment you solve your financial problems until your credit is restored.

We assist you and consolidate your debt.

In collaboration, the debtor (“client”) and the advisor establish a new repayment structure. This will facilitate debt management. Therefore, through a comprehensive budget program, or by resorting to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the “Act”), we are able to free you from your debts.

The Act provides two types of remedies for individuals with debt problems: consumer proposals and personal bankruptcy. The only professional who can help you file either of these procedures is a licensed insolvency trustee, better known as a bankruptcy trustee. This is a neutral representative of justice who acts as a fiduciary for creditors. Remember that it is important to be represented in order to support you in these steps. Well prepared, this proposal usually takes care of the repayment of part of your debt. It is even common for 80% of the debt to be consolidated. Institutions generally have an interest in favoring consumer proposals over bankruptcy. In bankruptcy, the creditor receives no repayment.

We help you restore your credit rating

A budget and credit restoration are the elements that make your debt management plan strong and effective. Once your proposal is in effect, we will address these important issues. A team of competent counselors, focused on individual needs, is available to help you understand your credit history and the need to develop a strong credit profile. We give you the tools you need to understand and manage your credit, as well as to prevent any further excessive debt.


Our solutions

Debt Consolidation

This debt management solution involves a financial institution granting you a loan that will be used to repay all of your creditors.

Personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is considered a last resort solution as it allows for a reduction of your debts, but only when all other options have been exhausted.

Consumer Proposal

The consumer proposal is an option that allows you to negotiate a reduction of your debts based on your budgetary capacity, so that you can repay a reduced amount.

Commercial bankruptcy

Commercial bankruptcy occurs when the company is no longer financially viable and involves the liquidation of assets by the trustee to repay creditors.

Business proposal

The concordat proposal is a solution that allows for a reduction of debt by negotiating a payment agreement that suits both parties.


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