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M. Roy & Associés - Licensed Insolvency Trustee Located in Montreal

From the moment you start working with M. Roy & Associés, you benefit from a complete team of licensed insolvency trustees and financial restructuring advisors. Our goal is to support you through these financial challenges, but also to find the strategy that will allow you to envision a debt-free future. Know that even if you are living with debt, a solution is possible: the consumer proposal. This allows you to lighten the burden of your monthly payments.

If this first alternative does not apply to your situation, it is still possible to turn to personal bankruptcy. This is a solution that erases all of your debt, allowing you to regain control of your finances.

Our Process

Do you not know how to get out of debt without avoiding collection? Do you want to repay without fearing the imminent risk of seizure? Even in cases of over-indebtedness, there are solutions!

How does it work?

We establish a clear and structured plan

The purpose of this meeting is to free you from your debts quickly, develop a payment plan that you can afford, limit the stress associated with it, while protecting your assets.

By analyzing your current financial situation, we will then develop a personalized plan tailored to your condition. This plan will meet your immediate needs for debt management, as well as your long-term financial goals. Finally, the fees associated with this process take into account the entire program, from resolving financial problems to restoring your credit.

We assist you and consolidate your debt.

The counselor helps the client (called the “debtor”) to set up a payment structure that makes it easier to repay the debt. Some programs, such as the full budget program or the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“the Act”), give us the means to help you get out of debt.

This Act allows people who are having debt problems to use two solutions: consumer proposals and personal bankruptcy. In either case, only a licensed insolvency trustee can help you with these procedures. Formerly known as a “bankruptcy trustee,” this professional is a neutral representative of justice who acts as a fiduciary for creditors. To get through this stage without any problems, it is essential to be represented and supported. Moreover, when the proposal is well-structured, it takes into account the payment of a large part of the debt. Some clients even see up to 80% of their debt consolidated. Note that creditors prefer the proposal to bankruptcy, as the latter does not allow them to recover the amounts owed.

We help you rebuild your credit score

The effectiveness of debt management inevitably involves developing a budget and rebuilding your credit. From the proposal stage onwards, we will approach the future with a positive outlook. Experienced counselors who work with a humane and compassionate approach are available to help you understand your credit history and the need to maintain healthy credit. Together, we find a way that will allow you to better control your credit while preventing over-indebtedness.


Our solutions


Tired of multiple debts? Opt for debt consolidation by getting a loan from a financial institution and make only one monthly payment!

Personal bankruptcy

If other solutions do not apply to your situation, it is possible to resort to personal bankruptcy. It allows for the elimination of debts, or a portion of them.

Consumer Proposal

The consumer proposal involves negotiating a reduction in debt with creditors. As a result, the monthly payment amount reflects your financial capacity.

Commercial bankruptcy

If your company is experiencing financial difficulties and is no longer viable, commercial bankruptcy may be the solution to consider. The trustee will repay your creditors by liquidating assets.

Business proposal

Concordat Proposal Is your company in a precarious situation and you want to turn it around? The concordat proposal allows you to negotiate a payment agreement with creditors.

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