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Our team of licensed bankruptcy trustees in Blainville is here to relieve you of your debts and guide you towards better financial health.

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M. Roy & Associés - Syndic autorisé en insolvabilité Located in Blainville

Our team of licensed insolvency trustees and financial restructuring advisors in Blainville can help you if you have financial problems. We will guide you towards the best solution to start fresh and debt-free. A consumer proposal may be a solution for you to reduce the burden of your monthly payments.

If a consumer proposal is not possible in your case, personal bankruptcy would allow you to eliminate your debts and start anew.

Our Process

Do you want to get rid of your debts once and for all and avoid collection measures?

Are you looking for a way to repay your debts without the risk of seizure?

Caught in a cycle of excessive debt? Returning to financial health is possible.

How does it work?

We establish a clear and structured plan

The main purpose of this meeting is to relieve you of your debts as quickly as possible, devise a repayment plan that you can maintain, reduce the stress involved, while preserving your assets.

After analyzing your current financial situation, we develop a customized plan to meet your specific needs. This plan will address both your immediate debt management concerns, as well as your long-term financial prospects. The fees associated with this procedure cover the entire program, from resolving your financial problems to rehabilitating your credit history.

We assist you and consolidate your debt.

The professional advises the client (referred to as “debtor”) in setting up a repayment plan that will facilitate the settlement of his or her debts. That said, through programs such as the holistic budget and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the “Act”), we can provide you with the means to discharge yourself from your debts.

According to the law, those facing financial difficulties can choose between two solutions: a consumer proposal or a personal bankruptcy. Only a licensed insolvency trustee can guide you through the process of either of these scenarios. Formerly known as a “bankruptcy trustee”, this specialist plays a neutral role as a fiduciary for creditors. To get through this ordeal without a hitch, it’s essential to be properly represented and supported. When a proposal is well structured, it takes into account the repayment of a significant portion of the debt. Some customers successfully consolidate up to 80% of their debts. It should be noted that creditors prefer a proposal to bankruptcy, as the latter does not offer them the possibility to recover unpaid amounts.

We help you restore your credit rating

Creating a sound budget and restoring your credit score are vital parts of effective debt management. Once you’ve successfully passed the proposal stage, we’ll develop a positive strategy for the rest of the process. You can count on our experienced and attentive advisors to help you understand your credit history, as well as the need to maintain a good credit record. Together, we’ll work out a solution to improve your credit management while preventing the risk of overindebtedness.


Our solutions

Debt Consolidation

This is a debt solution whereby a financial institution grants you a loan that will be used to pay off all of your creditors.

Personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is considered as a last resort solution as it allows for a reduction of a portion of your debts. It is considered when other options are not viable.

Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal is an option that allows you to negotiate a reduction in debts in order to pay a reduced amount based on your budgetary capacity.

Commercial bankruptcy

Commercial bankruptcy occurs when a company is no longer viable. It is a solution in which the trustee will liquidate the company's assets in order to repay creditors.

Business proposal

The concordat proposal is a solution that allows for the reduction of debt by negotiating a payment agreement acceptable to both parties.


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