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As soon as you begin the process with M. Roy & Associés, you benefit from a complete team of licensed insolvency trustees and financial reorganization advisors. Our mission is to support you through these financial challenges while finding the right strategy to help you envision a debt-free future. Even if you are in debt, there is a solution: the consumer proposal. This allows you to reduce the cost of your monthly payments.

In the event that this first option does not apply to your situation, it is still possible to file for personal bankruptcy. This is a process that erases all of your debt and allows you to regain control over your finances.

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Our Process

Do you not know how to get rid of your debts without avoiding collection?

Would you like to repay without fearing the imminent risk of seizure?

Even in a situation of over-indebtedness, there are solutions!

How does it work?

We establish a clear and structured plan

The purpose of this meeting is to help you get rid of your debts as soon as possible, develop a repayment plan that you can stick to, limit the associated stress, and preserve your assets.

By analyzing your current financial situation, we then develop a customized plan to meet your needs. This plan will address your immediate debt management concerns, as well as your long-term financial goals. Finally, the fees associated with this process encompass the entire program, from the moment we resolve your financial problems to the restoration of your credit.

We assist you and consolidate your debt.

The counselor helps the client (called the “debtor”) organize a payment structure that will make it easier to repay their debts. However, some programs, such as the global budget program or the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the “Act”), give us the tools we need to help you get out of debt.

Under the law, people with debt problems can choose between two options: a consumer proposal and personal bankruptcy. In both scenarios, only a licensed insolvency trustee can help you through these steps. Formerly known as a “bankruptcy trustee,” this professional is a neutral representative of the law who acts as a trustee for creditors. It is essential to be represented and supported to navigate this process smoothly. When the proposal is well-structured, it takes into account the payment of a large portion of the debt. Some clients even manage to consolidate up to 80% of their debts. Note that creditors prefer the proposal to bankruptcy, as the latter does not allow them to recover the amounts owed to them.

We help you rebuild your credit score

The successful debt management process inevitably involves developing a budget and restoring your credit. Once you have successfully completed the proposal stage, we will adopt a positive strategy for the rest. Experienced and caring counselors are available to help you understand your credit history and the importance of maintaining good credit. Together, we will find a way to help you better manage your credit while avoiding over-indebtedness.


Our solutions


This is a debt repayment alternative that involves obtaining a loan from a financial institution to pay off all your creditors, with the aim of settling your overall debt.

Personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is an extreme solution that allows for a reduction of debt, but it is generally considered a last resort when other debt management options have failed.

Consumer Proposal

The consumer proposal is a debt reduction option that involves negotiating a reduction of your debts based on your budgetary capacity, so that you can pay a reduced amount.

Commercial bankruptcy

Commercial bankruptcy occurs when the company is no longer financially viable, and it involves the trustee liquidating the company's assets to repay creditors.

Business proposal

The concordat proposal is a debt reduction option that involves negotiating a payment agreement that is agreeable to all parties, with the aim of reducing your debt.


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